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Tesla is Told to Halt Preparations of New “Gigafactory” in Germany

An Electric Carmaker is not who you would expect environmentalists to take action against but Tesla is feeling the heat after they began clearing forest for their 250-acre factory outside Berlin. The German Court has ordered them to temporarily halt preparations for their car factory amid accusations that the plant endangers wildlife and water supplies. This foreshadows the long road ahead for Tesla as they have yet to be given their permission to build their factory. Tesla was only granted permission by Germany’s environment ministry to begin site preparations “at its own risk.” If they are stalled for long the car company faces increase risk of being pushed out of the market by established German Carmakers who are working to develop their own electric line of cars. Should the plant be successful they hope to create 12,000 new jobs and produce 500,000 cars a year. It would become the fourth “Gigafactory” in Tesla’s Empire following two in the United States and one in Shanghai, China.

Tesla has promised that the animals will be relocated. Thus far in their excavation of the site, they have discovered and diffused 7 WWII bombs.

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