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Globalization: drivers and facilitators

Fitsum Endashaw
Globalization: drivers and facilitators

Globalization played and still plays a major role in my life. I like to think I am the product of the constructive side of globalization. Growing up in Ethiopia, I was highly fascinated by the United States. My main fascination came from the significant driver of globalization, the media. The movies, the tv shows, and the news I was watching shaped my dreams and ultimately my future.

Since coming to the US I haven’t been back to Ethiopia. Despite the obvious physical separation, I don’t feel like I am missing out on my family’s life and the same is true for my family too. This was possible because of the main facilitators of globalization, communication systems. I talk to my family and close friends using my phone and Skype, I watch news about Ethiopia, and get Ethiopian entertainment through YouTube daily. For me, globalization redefined what it means to be separated with a family and gave an ease to a difficult issue.

In my opinion, Globalization has been more useful to the US than harmful. For centuries the US has been attracting hard-working people and in the process, it developed a reputation for being the land of opportunities. Currently, because of globalization mainly media, reputation, access etc. The US receives the best and the brightest of people from countries across the world. This constantly makes the US the powerhouse of the world by incubating innovation close to home.

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