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DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES: Artificial intelligence and the rapid changes

Artificial intelligence and the rapid changes

Fitsum Endashaw

A major technological advancement that we are witnessing in this era that will revolutionize how we will be living in the future is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that deals with arming electronic devices like computers, cell phones, electric cars, etc. with the ability to make decisions for themselves by executing complex algorithms, machine learning, and big data (1). Artificial intelligence can have both positive and negative impact on global society. Using artificial intelligence in an industry raises profit by increasing efficiency, accuracy, and speed because Artificial intelligence eliminates the overhead that comes with human beings, which include being jaded, emotions, error, etc. another positive impact of artificial intelligence is the power it has simplifying tasks. Because of artificial intelligence, we can send robots to do research on different planets, we can send military drones to surveil hostile territories without risking a human life and so on (2). On the other hand, artificial intelligence can negatively impact most of the population in a global society by increasing unemployment due to jobs becoming automated.

Based on the speed that artificial intelligence is advancing it is safe to say we are heading to an uncharted territory that nobody knows how to survive in. All these big tech companies like Google, Uber, Amazon, Tesla etc. are constantly redefining the capability of our computerized devices by equipping them with learning ability just like humans (2). In the past two decades, our living style has changed dramatically; we are becoming more and more dependent on technology to the point we can’t even survive without them, and this dependency is also creating an emotional attachment that makes it hard for people to interact with each other like the past generation of people do. These advancements are way faster than the time it takes humans to adapt, therefore most of the educated workforce must go back to school in order to cope with the changes (1).


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